Instructions for use of liquid chalk

- Nov 08, 2017-

Check before class

1 ink in the pen is uniform (if there is layered phenomenon please gently shake a few)

2 whether the writing is Burr-shaped (recommended replacement of the written)

3 Whether the pen is dry (plugging, writing is not fluent), it is recommended to press a few pens, let the ink moist pen, or replace the written

4 whether there is sufficient ink in the pen (not less than One-third)

Two writing skills

1 nib is basically perpendicular to black layout writing

2 after writing should immediately cover the CAP, reduce the ink volatile nib

3 when writing, press the nib in time to keep the nib with enough ink

4 Keep an eye on the ink in the pen

5 on the blackboard when the force should not be too large, too hard to slip or damage the written

6 Wipe the way of the recommended clockwise circle to wipe!