Liquid Chalk Coating Process

- Nov 08, 2017-

Using tools: Tape scissors towel knife

Specific steps:

First, clean the blackboard and try to keep it flat and dry.

Second, the film will be tailored to the size of the blackboard (the average length of the standard blackboard is 3.6m and 4.0m width is 1.2m).

Third, after the membrane is trimmed, turn the membrane over to make it face up, wrap it up, and wrap it tighter and better.

Four, the wrapped membrane will rip 10cm around, and the right side of the blackboard (do not skew), fixed-point paste, and with this point began to 摖 in one direction to wipe.

The film is usually pasted from the right side of the blackboard to the left. A person in the right hand to pick up the tight film, the other hand with a towel evenly from the middle of the film to both sides of the extension 摖 swab; another person in the back of the two hands parallel tearing the membrane of the backing paper (note not too fast, with the film to maintain the same).

If you find a bubble, you should immediately rip off the pasted part and post it again. (If there is a bubble can not be squeezed out, it may be a small hole with a needle, gas release, smoothing can be)

The extra film is cut off with a knife around the blackboard border.