Liquid chalk into the classroom, it is urgent

- Nov 08, 2017-

A 53-year-old teacher often coughs, he thought just common cold cough, perennial town cough medicine. To the city tuberculosis hospital fiberoptic bronchoscopy examination, diagnosed as bronchial purulent. The director of the Courtyard Jing Qiu Sheng said, Zhang teacher illness is due to long-term "eat" chalk caused by infection and bronchial obstruction caused by.

Harm to the harm of the lung to the teacher's body, most commonly, in the course of teaching, chalk dust is easily inhaled after the lungs, most are blocked in the alveoli, after a series of stimulation, chemical and immune effects can cause lung loss, including respiratory inflammation and pulmonary ventilation function decline, common lung diseases are: chronic , acute pneumonia, lung cancer, pneumoconiosis and so on.

Harm of the second: the upper respiratory tract of the damage caused by various respiratory diseases, chronic sore throat common: chalk dust into the lungs through the upper respiratory tract including nasal, pharynx, bronchial, in this process, part of the dust will stay in the upper respiratory tract, the mucosal epithelial cells produce mechanical stimulation and damage, long-term in this environment, Can cause a series of diseases

Change, which affects the nose most commonly is induces the dry rhinitis, the second is hypertrophic rhinitis, symptoms for nasal dryness, nasal congestion, nasal mucosa congestion, secretion increase, etc. the effect on the pharynx is mainly induced chronic pharyngitis, make pharynx dry, phlegm, sore throat, pharynx itch; the effect on bronchus is mainly induced by chronic bronchitis, Also may cause the nasopharyngeal, the bronchus and so on part of Canceration.

Harm of the third: the eyes of the eye is the most sophisticated human organs, one of the most vulnerable organs, chalk dust main ingredient calcium carbonate, calcium oxide is a water-soluble substances, easy to dissolve in water, and produce alkaline substances, such as teachers in the teaching process, chalk dust into the eye, stimulate the secretion of lacrimal gland, Tears hydrolysis of calcium carbonate and produce alkaline substances, will seriously stimulate the eye mucosa, resulting in mucosal injury, the formation of chronic inflammation, but also may induce myopia production

Hazard four: harm to the skin--finger chap, the skin is dry, the teacher in the teaching process, the chalk dust inevitably will be stained in the hand, simultaneously floats in the air the particle dust also will fall in the teacher hair, the face and the neck, has the stimulation effect to the skin membrane, if summer meets the sweat solution, produces the alkaline substance, The stimulation of the skin mucous membrane is bigger, because the human skin survival environment for the weak acidic environment, so that in the dust alkaline effect destroys the skin's basic living environment, chalk dust makes the skin dry, rough, and accompanied by itching sensation, make the human body unwell, serious person will cause acne, hair follicle inflammation, pus skin disease, Chapped skin and massive hair loss.

Harm of the five: the harm of the ear chalk dust into the external auditory meatus, mixed in sebum, can form earwax embolism, if long-term so, will cause inflammation of the ear.