Liquid Chalk----only for teachers ' health

- Nov 08, 2017-

Human beings from crawling to upright walk to today's travel space, from knot notes to the emergence of text to today's wireless communication, is the result of human civilization progress, and chalk is also from harmful to harmless, never successful to mature, which is also an important symbol of human development process.

A, the nature of the revolution: the traditional chalk is solid, not easy to carry, easy to break smash, more easily damp, and liquid chalk, liquid water, writing fluent labor-saving, outside has pen housings, easy to carry, not easily damaged, compared with the traditional chalk transportation convenient, good storage.

Second, the environmental protection of the revolution: traditional chalk dust, floating particles, very easy to lead to environmental pollution, it is easy to cause respiratory diseases, lung infections and other symptoms, long-term in the dust pollution environment, and even can cause some of the body's canceration! Higher medical costs, heavier school burdens, and more serious effects on the physical health of developing adolescents. Now the popular on the market has a whiteboard pen, although is also liquid, but there is smell, oily, very easy to cause pollution, plus reflective board, long time to cause students to dilate pupil, form myopia, not easy to popularize in schools; liquid chalk, dust-free, non-toxic, high brightness, Effective protection can give teachers and students the greatest benefit, completely farewell to dust before the classroom, but also teachers and students a healthy, comfortable education and learning environment.

Third, the utilization of the revolution: the utilization rate of ordinary chalk is only 60%, sometimes even 60% is not yet, resulting in a great waste of national resources, the school also caused a rise in the cost of education, and the utilization of liquid chalk can reach more than 98%, greatly saving costs.

Four, the brightness of the revolution: the brightness of the liquid chalk is 4-5 times the traditional chalk brightness, so that the last row of students can see very clearly, so that the educational environment has been greatly improved.