Liquid Chalk Promotional materials

- Nov 08, 2017-

1, the Chalk Age: The chalk is non-toxic, dust harmful, pollute the classroom air, not to engage in clean health, teachers and students clothing and teaching equipment is susceptible to dust, the teacher pharynx, lungs by its harm, occupational diseases increased, especially not conducive to the young children's growth and development;

2, Low-carbon era: Liquid chalk is one of the environmental protection products, no poison, no dust, no noise, greatly improve the classroom air quality and teaching environment, but also conducive to the protection of equipment from dust, and thus received more and more schools welcome; and will not increase the amount of money invested, almost the same as the use of chalk, From the overall situation, instead of saving health expenditure and some equipment maintenance costs, the healthy growth of young people, to protect the health of teachers, to build green campus, the cause of environmental protection, the significance of considerable, far-reaching Impact!

3, low investment, long benefit; the amount is small, without entering the tendering procedure or complicated approval procedure, general primary and secondary schools thousands of yuan money can change the liquid chalk; Anyway, every school has to buy chalk every semester, most schools can buy chalk money to buy liquid chalk, liquid chalk on the blackboard consumption of small, early because of the use of unskilled, The cost is slightly higher than the ordinary chalk, skilled in fact the cost is similar; some school blackboard can not directly use liquid chalk, you need to deal with the surface (individual to change the blackboard), a larger school can be divided into two batches, you can also deal with a few old, let some classes to try, and then spread out; some schools in the new time in place or sponsored by a corporate or social person or student parent.

4, cooperate with school teachers and students of publicity, training and adaptability training work. According to the current environmental protection and green health concept, let teachers and students firmly establish environmental awareness and health awareness, create a green campus, set ' from me, start from the blackboard to do ' environmental protection ideas, to let everyone understand that the use of liquid chalk is to build environmental protection classrooms, create a green campus to contribute.