More governing temperature, liquid chalk will not dry up

- Nov 08, 2017-

Blackboard podium and desk without the old thick chalk gray, the classroom is no longer dust flying. Xunyang County 35 Schools to promote the use of liquid environmental protection chalk, the traditional chalk completely farewell to the classroom, the county more than 19,000 teachers and students will be completely free from dust on health hazards. (November 3 "Xi ' An Evening News")

From the above words, we should say good-bye to the chalk of praise. A county has nearly 20,000 teachers and students free from dust pollution, the province, the whole country, is not a great positive? Of course, I do not worry about this innovation, in the big cities in the classroom has already been achieved, because the city's material level, has never been higher than the country. Moreover, multi-media teaching facilities are now being pushed away gradually. But the Midwest's many grass-roots schools are certainly the same as Xunyang, otherwise the news will lose the value of "news".

There's a teacher's jingle--tired from morning till night, chalk ashes every day suffering, a moment dare not to leave, the students complain Hui all right, wages are not high also pay taxes, in the bag shy see people ashamed; Now, compared with the former, teachers ' political status has been greatly improved, with their own special festivals, and wages (excluding the "substitute teacher" group) have undergone several adjustments, and the income has improved considerably, almost as much as the civil servants. These are welcome. However, on the blackboard, the chalk is almost handed down, resulting in Lang, pollution remains.

It has been proved that the large amount of dust produced by chalk harms the health of teachers and students. The pneumoconiosis and all kinds of acute and chronic respiratory diseases caused by dust are the most important, the most serious and the most extensive in the present occupational diseases. China's Disease Prevention Center statistics show that because the dust contains carcinogenic substances, China's 38 million full-time teachers cancer incidence accounted for 20% of the total incidence of cancer, 8 times times the general population. Because of this, the prevention of occupational disease has become the focus of attention. Just so you can see how important it is to use liquid green chalk instead of traditional chalk.