The advantages of liquid chalk

- Nov 08, 2017-

1, color diversification. Four colors can meet the different requirements of teaching, including painting.

2. High brightness and strong visibility. Their product design can be seen in the range of 12 meters, completely more than the 9 meters $number meter specifications, the students at any angle to clearly see the handwriting.

3. Fluency is good. The viscosity of the product determines fluency. In the design of low viscosity of the case, but also improve the porosity of the pen, more can ensure that the ink flow.

4, good rub. In time to rub, more than 30 seconds after the international wipe the standard of the board, delay can be rubbed, the temperature in the 30° around can be wiped time of 30-60 days.

5, wipe clean. Design: The handwriting in the wipe is a rubber-like material package, do vertical downward movement, so as to solve the problem of dust levitation, so as to completely resolve the possibility of dust inhalation by the human body.

6. The possibility of paste board is small. Their company's ink can withstand the teacher high frequency blackboard writing, high frequency wipe test. It is not easy to paste the board with proper method. (In addition, a universal cleaning agent is also configured to help clean the plate surface)

7. Hat time. The liquid chalk hat time is 8-72 hours. Even if the high temperature can guarantee a lesson not to cover the cap! This indicator ensures that teachers use it as easily as regular chalk, not because they often block and affect teaching ideas and emotions.