Hopefully Farewell To Chalk Grey Age

- Nov 08, 2017-

Tianshan Network (reporter Hou Shuo photographic report) Blackboard podium and desk without a thick chalk gray, the classroom is no longer dusty. March 12, 2015, the reporter from Xinjiang Kuitun Education Bureau learned that Kuitun 22 schools to promote the use of liquid environmental protection chalk, traditional chalk or complete farewell class.

A few days ago, reporters in the Kuitun in the primary school interview, noted that school teachers in a different kind of chalk on the blackboard in the writing, after the inquiry learned that the school classroom installed a kind of people feel strange blackboard: The original dark green blackboard affixed a layer of film, with liquid chalk on the blackboard writing smooth and easy, the font bright and clear , with a sponge eraser gently rub, the blackboard is clean, still do not see dust.

"With this kind of chalk, teachers and students may in the future and" eat "The Age of Chalk and Ashes farewell!" A teacher sighed to the reporter. But there are also teachers reflect, this liquid chalk is not good: the teacher on the blackboard, write the traditional chalk pen, sometimes improper writing of the handwriting is not clear, sitting in the classroom behind the students can not see clearly.

With these questions, the reporter visited the Kuitun Education Bureau. A related person in charge told reporters, for a long time, the use of school teaching is the traditional chalk and blackboard, chalk produced a large amount of dust harmful to the health of teachers and students. In order to establish a healthy and environment-free education and teaching environment for teachers and students, 4 years ago, Kuitun adopted the method of "first pilot after implementation", the first trial of this kind of liquid chalk in Kuitun Secondary school, after several years of probation, the school teachers and students generally reflect good. This year, Kuitun began to promote the use of this liquid chalk in a push-pull composite blackboard in schools throughout the city.