Instructions For Use Of Liquid Chalk

- Nov 08, 2017-

1. Write the main points: pen can be used to write without force, as long as the attention glyph structure, gently written on the blackboard writing on the line, write the word is clear and momentum (write do not force, so as not to cause the water is not smooth, the pen is not full or damaged written);

2, dry wipe-after writing the handwriting for 10 seconds after the water dry and then wipe, more easily wiped clean, if it is difficult to wipe the direction of a few more or wipe with a damp cloth wipe off;

3, direct pressure-the new pen, change the written or peacetime writing, such as the encounter is not written water or writing to fade, will be written vertically down to the desktop gently pressure a few, to be written out after the ink, you can write; do not squeeze and drop the pen (do not squeeze on the blackboard, in order not to pollute the table, can pad a piece of paper on the table press).

4, Cap--always do not forget, after writing the word should immediately cover the CAP, to hear ' clicks ' Sound, not a class after the end of the cap. Because the pen is exposed to the air for 35 minutes, the liquid may condense on the written paper causing difficulty in writing;

5, add chalk before shaking ink bottle, write before shaking a pen, so that the ink concentration evenly, help to write; When filling the ink, to spin down the back cover, but not full (12 ml), add good ink, tighten the back cover.

6, after each class, on duty students do not need to erase the blackboard in time, every day after school, on duty students with clean wet cloth wipe good blackboard (special towel slightly wet wipe better) to use.