Liquid Chalk Use Effect

- Nov 08, 2017-

The use of liquid chalk is simple, the same as the Whiteboard pen. But its environmental protection, absolute dust-free is the Whiteboard pen with ordinary chalk or so-called dust-free chalk can not be compared! To say the actual use effect, it involves several aspects, one is the whiteness, one is erasable, whether good to write good rub! This is the key to whether liquid chalk can really replace ordinary chalk!

Because the liquid chalk ink is mixed with resin solvent made of titanium dioxide, so certainly after drying will appear a little faded, if the whiteness after fading can guarantee 10 meters visibility, then you can ensure that students see clearly! If the color after fading is more serious, then it is not a qualified product. Can rub the main is dry after the timely can rub, in is a few days can be rubbed. These are some of the basic use-critical issues. There are many people said that the need to replace the blackboard, foil is not convenient, I hope all the blackboard material can be used directly. Here is a misunderstanding: ordinary chalk is a powder, can have roughness, need to rub to ensure that the writing firmly on the blackboard. But the liquid chalk is liquid, if the blackboard roughness is too high, then the ink drying will have fine particles residue in the rough layout, resulting in the cleaning is inconvenient. It also damages the nib. It's like you write on the blackboard with a whiteboard pen. Therefore, what the product is equipped with what layout is certain, cannot generalize!

Overall, liquid chalk is a trend, his environmental protection, non-toxic, harmless, dust-free has been the majority of schools, teachers, students love. Of course, the price will be a little higher, but this will not become the promotion of liquid chalk This new environmentally friendly product barrier! If the harm of chalk generation (teachers and students health, audio-visual equipment damage, etc.), then the price is actually very cheap. or less than ordinary chalk.