The Characteristics Of The Dust-free Liquid Chalk?

- Nov 08, 2017-

First, the handwriting is clear: the polymer blackboard writing liquid, the blackboard handwriting is covered with film, the cover rate is high, the color rendering is good, the strokes are coarse, the writing is fluent, the handwriting is clear.

Second, good rub fast dry: The handwriting for a few seconds to dry quickly, easy to wipe the dust.

Three, a variety of colors: Blackboard liquid color has white, red, yellow, blue 4 colors, is the ideal substitute for chalk products.

Four, the inside gall capacity is big: each time adds the ink quantity 12ml, the writing length reaches above 1200 meters.

Five, the handwriting weight may adjust freely. Method is: With the art knife nib cut a knife, oblique degree according to the need to be free to grasp.

Six, the circulation uses: The blackboard pen opens the tail cap to be able to add the blackboard writing liquid, the import acrylic written, the liquid fluid, the hard wear-resisting and may replace. NIB wear, as long as the nib can continue to use.