What Should Be Noticed In The Dust-free Liquid Chalk?

- Nov 08, 2017-

First, the next day when used, before each writing, please shake the pen a few times, and then unplug the cap to use.

Second, the elegant music whiteboard pen uses the new straight liquid cutting core structure, differs from the Whiteboard pen the volume core absorption water type structure, in the writing process feels the writing to be light, only then will be able to hold the pen to the board surface to press several times.

Third, when the use of the nib to ensure that the full contact with the board, otherwise it will cause the writing is not clear, and writing strength to light, too large to make the written water difficult, writing is not fluent.

Four, after writing, please cover the cap in time, if the long time does not cover the cap will result in written dry not water, can not write (need to change the pen).

Five, the use of the recommended use of sponge eraser with wet felt rub, so wipe the effect is better, please do not use the eraser has been rubbed chalk.

Six, the writing board must thoroughly clean clean. Especially for the board has been written chalk, you must first clean thoroughly with water, otherwise it will affect the wiping effect.